The Benefits Of Installing Air And Dirt Separators

Buildings in regions with extreme weather conditions normally have boilers to raise room temperatures to comfortable levels. During the hot season, the system can be connected to a chiller system to lower room temperatures. It is not uncommon for old systems to develop air bubbles and accumulate dirt. These impurities can reduce the performance of the system, cause breakdowns and reduce its expected lifespan. air and dirt separators are devices that can be connected to an existing heating/cooling system to remove air bubbles and dirt from the system. 

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Why Air and Dirt are Undesirable

The presence of air in a metallic pipe that carries water can cause corrosion within the pipe. Air contains oxygen, which oxidizes metals to form a metal oxide, which can get detached from the pipe walls and move with the water. Over time, the amount of metal oxides and other types of contaminants that may be circulating in the boiler system can be quite significant. As a result, the pump in the heating system can malfunction. Over time, the boiler itself will malfunction. To prevent this from happening, be sure to install an air and dirt separator in your heating/cooling system, especially if you live in a hot country. The device will prevent corrosion, pump failure, boiler issues and many other types of problems. 

Construction of Air and Dirt Separators

These devices have a water inlet and outlet, air relief valve and the dirt collection chamber, which comes with a ball shut off valve. The air relieve valve, as the name suggests, is designed to vent air collected in the chamber when the system is being filled. The second function is to remove floating debris that rise to the surface of the water when the system is full. The ball shut-off valve makes it possible for air and dirt to be expelled from the system while the system is in operation. When the system is filled with water, dirt and other types of debris will settle at the bottom of the dirt collection chamber while air will be vented out through the relief valve. This means that only water will be allowed back into the boiler system. As a result, your boiler/chiller system will function optimally and flawlessly. 

Other Benefits of Air and Dirt Separators

In hotel systems, breakdowns are undesirable. Boiler systems must function optimally to ensure all the hotel rooms, restaurant and reception are comfortable all the time. After all, comfort is the hallmark of the hotel and hospitality industry. By installing air and dirt separators, installation and commissioning time for boiler systems can be reduced considerably because air and dirt can be removed from the system before issues occur. Most air and dirt separators are able to remove air bubbles as tiny as a micro-bubble size. This means the system can function optimally without developing air locks, which are known for causing pump problems and different types of boiler issues. Proper installation of the air and dirt separator is recommended to ensure it functions optimally.